Detroit Police officer shot near Swanson Funeral Home on Detroit's east side

DETROIT (WXYZ) - 7 Action News has been told that the police officer is in good condition tonight and that he may be kept in the hospital overnight for observation because he suffered a minor injury when he fell to the ground after being shot.

The Detroit police officer was shot near the Swanson Funeral Home near Mack and Grand Boulevard on Detroit's east side Wednesday afternoon.

The incident began when police went looking to arrest a 22-year-old suspect in a case of assault with attempt to murder. That suspect fled from a location in the 9000 block of Jefferson Ave.

As he fled, investigators tell 7 Action News that the suspect rammed a police car.

Police followed him to the Swanson Funeral Home where the suspect exited his car and entered the building. He soon ran out and then fired a shot at a Detroit police officer who was in plain clothing.

The Detroit police officer was shot in the back. A bullet was lodged in his protective vest, but did not go through.

Police returned fire and the suspect was shot in the chest and leg. He was taken to Detroit Receiving Hospital where he was listed in temporary serious condition.

"So you always expect the unexpected.  The officers again were doing their job," said Commander Steve Dolunt.  "It was broad daylight but they responded professionally and the perp is in custody.  The officer is fine and we got the bad guy off the streets," he said.

The police officer was also taken to Detroit Receiving Hospital.  A construction crew working in the parking lot at the funeral home laying cement said they believed the officer saved their co-worker because he shielded the man from the bullet. 

"Gunfire started and I looked up at the building at the awning where the hearse should be parked.  I looked up and I saw bullets flying around by one officer's feet.  Dirty was kicking up and next thing I know he was firing back at this guy and next thing I know the guy was laying on the ground," said Edward Riley, a worker at the scene.

When we called the funeral home they said none of their people had been hurt.  Even though there were almost a dozen construction workers close to the shooting they said none of them had gotten hurt. 

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