Detroit police release suspect in Cinco de Mayo parade shooting

DETROIT (WXYZ) - They came to the same corner where a teen was killed Sunday during the city’s Cinco de Mayo parade.

But the gathering wasn't just to remember 19-year-old Andres DeJesus, known by his friends as “Noodles”, this vigil was a call for justice.

"The shooter was released," says Raquel Castaneda-Lopez, a city council woman representing the district where the shooting occurred.

Police tell Action News that DeJesus’ accused shooter was released less than 48 hours after being detained by officers along the parade route Sunday.

The Wayne County Prosecutor is still investigating, but sources say the shooter was licensed to carry a weapon, and may have been protecting a family member after DeJesus placed his foot on his head during a struggle.

Police believe DeJesus had ties to a Spanish gang operating out of Southwest Detroit, but family members believe the teen cut ties with the gang after becoming a father with another on the way.

Family members declined to talk to the media during the vigil, but clearly the group believes the shooter should be in jail. The concern over retaliation evident as a group of police officers watch over the somber gathering.

Detroit Police are stepping up patrols in the Mexicantown area following the shooting and gang squad is working to insure gang violence doesn’t erupt in retaliation.

"They have assured me that patrols have increased since the shooting Sunday. I live three blocks from here and I have seen more officers on the street", says Casteneda-Lopez.

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