Detroit Police search for injured Russian-speaking man who called 911 from unknown vacant building

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The search for a mysterious 911 caller continued into the evening hours and was eventually called off late Tuesday.

The search started when a man called 911 around 9:30 Tuesday morning.  Speaking in Russian, he indicated to dispatch operators he was a member of the Russian military in the area on vacation.  He stated he has been kidnapped by two males, stabbed in the leg and left in an abandoned warehouse.

The call was made from a satellite phone.  The caller was unable to give his exact location, but was able to give details about his surroundings.

Police were able to verify some information, which indicated to them the call was not a hoax. 

But after roughly a 10 hour search of 15 blocks and no discovery, the officers received orders to stop looking. Police still have no evidence that the name he gave as his is of a real Russian man who traveled to metro Detroit. 

For now, police aren't revealing the man's alleged name. If they do find out this incident is indeed a hoax, they say they plan to track down the person responsible and bring them to justice. 


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