Detroit prepares for wild weather

(WXYZ)-Detroit - Workers with Detroit's Department of Water and Sewerage are out tackling Mother Nature's mess.  They're trying to stay ahead of the thaw and rain game. 

"Basically, we are just going to cut a path so this water won't build up." said one worker.

With more than 1, 800 miles of residential roadway in the city, crews can't be everywhere.  That's where residents like Carol Plasha come in. "I don't want to have an ice skating rink out here in a couple days." said Plasha.

Little by little, she has been chipping away at the snow and ice to get water flowing out of the street and into the drain. "I'm the third house down, so I'm trying to get a path here to the gutter." said Plasha.

Detroit city leaders are asking all residents to help out by clearing away the snow, ice and debris near the catch basins to help prevent flooding.

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