Detroit Public School buildings for sale

(WXYZ)-DETROIT - Schools abandoned years ago are sitting vacant and vulnerable to thieves.  Trying to secure them cost the Detroit Public School district money.  Now, there is a new push to try and sell them.

When the Detroit Public School district ran into financial troubles, schools were closed.  Year after year they sat, decaying, bringing down neighborhoods.  Nearby, residents pleaded for something to be done. That time may be here.

At a redevelopment conference, the school district is trying to offload 120 properties--87 of them vacant schools in all conditions.  The district realizes the schools used to be the fabric of a neighborhood and sitting empty is adding to a neighborhood's decline. 

School officials believe developers will be able to look beyond the destruction and see opportunity.

You can view a map of all DPS properties for sale on the district's website: WWW.DETROITK12.ORG/REALESTATE

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