Detroit resident captures scrappers on camera, turns video over to 7 Action News and DPD task force

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Illegal scrappers are tearing buildings apart piece by piece. Homes, businesses, schools - nothing is off limits. 

Tougher laws haven't stopped them, but now, a new task force is going after them and other blight offenders.  But they need the public's help.

Brady Elementary on Joy Road is like so many other vacant DPS schools, a shell.

When the students left, the scrappers arrived and began dismantling the building piece by piece. One neighbor, who didn't want to talk with 7 Action News on camera, became so fed up he started taking their pictures. 

He turned the pictures over to 7 Action News and we turned them over to the Captain Rodney Cox with the Detroit Police Department.

"We want offenders to know, we are not going to tolerate any type of blight, any type of dumping, graffiti or scrapping." said Capt. Cox.

Blight is a big issue for many Detroit residents. They are tired of having to deal with the mess others leave behind. 

That's where the task force comes in. 

Officers with the Detroit Police Department will work with employees from Detroit's Department of Public Works and the Department of Administrative hearings to share information and consolidate efforts to address blight.

Specifically, the task force will target illegal dumping, scrapping, graffiti and illegal hook ups. 

If you see something, you are urged to share the information with the task force. Get as much detail as possible, without putting yourself in harms way. 

To report offenders call the tip line at (313) 235-4359  or send an email to .

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