Detroit residents fed up with neighbor's trash pile

(WXYZ) Detroit - Spend time on Vaugahn Street on Detroit's west side and you meet people fighting for the city and working hard to take care of their homes.

People like Kiambu.  He's proud of his house and furious about what he sees going on a few houses down the street. 

"It's ridiculous." said Kiambu. 

He's talking about the pile of junk in front of an abandoned home.  The trashy mess has been an on-going battle for the people who live on this street.  A battle neighbors say first started at a yellow house across the street. 

After numerous complaints, it got cleaned up.  That's when they say the man who was responsible simply moved the problem from one house to another.

"It's an eyesore," said Kiambu.  Neighbors know the guy as Mike; It's believed he is a scrapper.  We tried talking with Mike about the problem, but he drove away.

Neighbors are hoping exposure to the trash pile will shame him into cleaning it up. 

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