Detroit residents finally get attention to get water main fixed

(WXYZ) - For the past two weeks, life has become increasingly difficult for some residents on Webb Street in Detroit because of a water main break.

“We’re on the cusp of Detroit so they act like we don’t exist,” said Neisha Smith, whose neighborhood borders the city of Highland Park.

The running water quickly froze in the single-digit temperatures. The build-up of ice on the street trapped residents, preventing some from even getting vehicles out of their driveways.

“We have neighbors that need to go to dialysis and they can’t get out of their driveways because of this mess, so it has been a big inconvenience for everyone,” Smith said.

In an effort to get attention, Smith made several phone calls to the media, including 7 Action News, hoping to prompt action.Finally on Monday, a crew sub-contracted by the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department repaired the break in the eight-inch water main at the intersection of Webb and Second Avenue. They also used heavy equipment to break up the ice and push much of it out of the street.

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