Detroit siblings with ties to Stevie Wonder get new home after living in deteriorating house

DETROIT (WXYZ) - There were few words and many tears as Margaret Terry and her brother, John Glover, took their first, tentative steps into their brand new home Thursday.

"I love it, I love everything about it, it's gorgeous," Margaret exclaimed. "It's a far cry from where we were before."

Margaret, 72, and John, 56, lived on 25th St., in a home that had rotting floors and no running water. Over the decades, the siblings saw neighbors leave and homes on the block fall into disrepair.

They didn't have the means to move out of their home, though at one point, John had a promising musical career. He was Stevie Wonder's first musical partner. He wrote the 70's hit, "You Don't Need to be a Star (To Be in My Show.)"

"We're still the best of friends," John said.

Margaret taught Stevie to play on their piano, which they own to this day.

When word got out that John and Margaret were going to sell that piano for money, Detroit Free Press columnist Mitch Albom and his non-profit, S.A.Y. Detroit, stepped in to help. The group fully refurbished a home on Asbury Park, the charity Humble Design furnished it, and it was granted to John and Margaret at no cost. The siblings will pay taxes and utilities.

Friends and family surrounded them Thursday for the finishing touches. John's golden record was hung on the wall, and the famous piano was moved in - now the crowning feature in the home.

Stevie was one of the first to hear about John and Margaret's big move.

"I told him it's as big as he is," John joked about telling Stevie about his new house.

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