Detroit to brings in New Year by dropping The D Burst sculpture at Campus Martius Park

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Officials have unveiled the new sculpture that the city of Detroit will use to ring in the New Year.

Called "The D Burst" the 150 pound sculpture was created by the Detroit Design Center's Nordin Brothers as a symbol of the city.

It will be shown off during Detroit's New Year's Eve celebration known as "The Drop."

The D Burst features red, white and blue LED lights in the shape of a "D" and will descend outside the Compuware building near Campus Martius Park as the city rings in the 2013 at midnight tonight.

Made of steel, The D Burst is placed on a circle, with multiple tubes leading away from the center so that it looks like a sunburst.

"The Drop" runs tonight from 9:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. You can get more information on the event's website .

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