Detroiters talk about what they want out of the city's next mayor

DETROIT (WXYZ) - For years WXYZ-TV has been Detroit's debate headquarters with everyone from mayoral candidates to presidential candidates squaring off in our studios. Tonight, the candidates for Detroit's next Mayor will face off one last time ahead of next week's general election.

By now, it's no secret the next Mayor for the embattled city of Detroit will have to tackle some tough issues.  From the safety of its residents to the much anticipated comeback that is expected, to bringing more jobs to the city voters are sounding off.

Carol Ryder knows Detroit well.  She's called Detroit home for years.  When asked what issue she sees as the most important she says, "The crime, dealing with the crime." 

And for her, that's not all that's on her mind ahead of tonight's debate on 7.

"The foreclosing. The blight. Stray animals," Ryder says. All problems she has seen become increasingly more visible.

"I'd like to know the plans for the Mayor to have more protection on the streets," John Emerson said. 

He too is another Detroiter. He believes the presence of law enforcement officers on our streets and in our neighborhoods could single handedly reduce violent crime. 

"More policemen, physically visible so that the impression is strong that they're available and also the recovery of property in the neighborhoods, so that we see they are being rehabilitated and recovering," Emerson says.

Echoing Emerson's sentiment is another Detroiter, Byron Smith.  

"Our police force. They added a few more cars and we barely see them," Smith said.

The plan to fix the city of Detroit will all hinge on several key factors.  One, who the next Mayor will have working for them and just how much control they'll be given in the presence of Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr.

7 Action News hit the streets and talked with one woman, Audrey Allen, who agrees with what her fellow neighbors are saying but she worries about her future. 

"My job for the city. Yeah they need to do something else you know about that better for us they done took everything away from us," Allen said.

On Tuesday, November 5 many will vote on the man who they believe holds the key to growing Detroit. 

Detroiter Carl Williams summed up what so many we talked with said when asked about what they want to see in the next Mayor, "Someone who's going to do something right for the city, finally. They done had enough of people taking advantage of it so just somebody who's going to lead the city in the right direction."

You can watch the debate live here on, your mobile device or on the air on 7. The debate begins at 7.

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