Detroiters will elect city council members by district

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Since 1918 Detroiters have gone to the polls, casting ballots for city council candidates regardless of where they live. But that all changed with the August 6 primary.

You can find more information on all the Detroit City Council candidates by going to and scrolling down on the page.

"It kind of means for them now that you have a council member who lives where you live. And that's significant for a lot of people," said Janice Winfrey, Detroit City Clerk.

This year just two of the nine city council seats will be for at-large candidates.

The remaining seven will be filled by district specific candidates.

Winfrey explains that means residents living in District 1 will not be able to vote for someone living in District 2. The hope is all residents voices will be better heard.

"Sometimes it might've been hard to get someone to feel your issues, whatever your issue may be as it relates to your neighborhood," Winfrey said. "So now you have someone who lives where you live, and understands maybe a little better what your needs are."

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