More money available to fight blight in southwest Detroit neighborhood

(WXYZ) - Five weeks ago, Cabot street near St. John was a dumping ground.  Vacant lots were filled with piles of garbage, mounds of construction debris and abandoned boats.  It was sitting next to several burned out homes. 

Now it's gone. 

"We were hoping for something like this, we need it around here." said Juan Lugo. 

When neighbors first tried to get the dangerous homes demolished, they were told they weren't in the blight elimination area and there was no money available. 

Now, Detroit is expanding what it considers the "Hardest Hit Area," and the expansion includes Cabot Street.

"It's being expanded because we want to be able to spend and spend wisely the $52 million the federal government has provided to do demolition." said Detroit Land Bank Executive Director Richard Wiener.

Despite all the work already taking place on Cabot Street, more houses need to come down.  People in the southwest Detroit neighborhood are passionate about returning the neighborhood to a safe place for their kids.

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