Detroit City Council seeks deficit solution

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit City Council is meeting today in an effort to find a solution to the city's budget crisis while Detroit city workers meet their deadline to accept concessions outlined by the mayor.

Friday Mayor Bing announced the elimination of 1,000 city positions. The announcement came as a solution to Detroit's dire financial situation that the Mayor explained earlier in the week.

The job cuts will save Detroit $14 million dollars; more than 25% of the $45 million budget cuts the mayor says are needed by the end of the year.

In addition, the mayor asked all city workers to take a 10% pay cut as well as pay an additional 10% on their health care premiums. The deadline to accept these concessions is today.

 Meanwhile, Detroit City Council will map out its own plan to fix the city's budget crisis.

Council members are meeting with Detroit fiscal analyst Irv Corley to formulate a plan that will include a proposal from all nine council offices.

Corley has presented council with two options. Both of them call for hundreds of more layoffs than Mayor Bing has announced.

Under the best case scenario presented by Corley, 1,700 people would be laid off. That's if the city receives all of the wage and benefits concession Mayor Bing is asking for.

However, council member Ken Cockrel, Jr. says to expect those concession is like looking through "rose colored glasses."

Cockrel believe the city will have to layoff 2,300 employees, including police officer and fire fighters.

Another meeting is scheduled for Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. where Council hopes to finalize a plan. Then City Council wants to meet with Mayor Bing to see if they can come to a joint agreement.

If that happens the city would be able to present the unified plan to Governor Rick Snyder.

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