Did a community activist photograph a Detroit truck dumping sludge?

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Someone's dumping sludge in a vacant lot on Detroit's east side near McNichols Road and one community activist thinks it's city workers.

Mr. Hodo, as he's known, told city council members he not only saw a truck with the DPW logo on it, he took pictures of the vehicle discharging sludge.

Despite a heated objection from the law department, council voted to allow the pictures to be shown publicly before members could review them.

Mr. Hodo admits the logo he believes he saw is not visible on any of the pictures. "I saw DPW written on the hood," he insists. "Whether it's Detroit or not I'm concerned about protecting people from the contaminates."

Some council members don't think the vehicle looks like any being used by the DPW. However, they all want to know whether it is currently owned and being operated by the city and any of its employees.

Council has referred the matter to its Operations Committee but points out that ultimately the Mayor's office would be responsible for an investigation because the mayor is in charge of all city departments.

Someone from the administration was present during the public comment portion of the meeting when Mr. Hodo made his allegation.

Hodo tells Action News he is also is the host of a weekly cable program on channel 33 and will continue to keep a sharp eye out for illegal dumping.

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