Did a DPD commander assault his mistress? Case gets a second look

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The 7 Action News team continues to follow the investigation into a Detroit Police commander and allegations that he assaulted his mistress who is a female Detroit police officer.

According to an internal police report on the incident, Commander James Moore took Deloma Stone and four kids to dinner for Stone's birthday. On the way back, they stopped at a liquor store and Stone was inside for several minutes.

Moore became upset at how long she was gone, came in and said, "What the F--- is going on?" They returned to the car and drove off.

Police obtained store surveillance video, but sources now tell 7 Action News that the alleged assault is out of camera range.

Stone's 10-year-old son called police when they got home and said "Commander James Moore hit my momma" according to the internal report.

But when Detroit Police Internal affairs talked to Stone and Moore, they cleaned up their stories saying there was a heated exchange in the car, but no assault. Four kids were in the car including Stone's son, but their parents are not letting them cooperate with investigators.

The case is still under review by the Wayne County Prosecutor's office, including receiving the surveillance video on Wednesday. But since it does not show what happened inside the car, assault charges are not expected to be issued.

Moore was never put on leave during the investigation. That could have been done by the chief, but Chief Ralph Godbee was dealing with his own mistress crisis that caused him to step down.

Mayor Dave Bing and the interim police chief will be at Stone's precinct for a ceremony on Friday. 

The 7 Action News team will continue to follow this case.

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