Downed tree blocks street in Detroit, angers neighbors

(WXYZ) - Navigating Manor Street on Detroit's west side has become a nightmare after a tree came crashing down, blocking the roadway.

During Mother Nature's recent wicked wind storm, Emma Coachman looked out her window and saw the huge tree in her front yard, uprooted and toppled over.  She called the city to report the problem. 

"They came right out, within the hour." said Coachman. 

The first crew only put caution tape around the tree.  When they didn't return to remove the tree, other neighbors began calling the city for help.

"When you see stuff like this, this is what makes people not want to come live in the city," said Keith Groom. "City services are very important."

Demingus Coates believes the blocked roadway presents a safety concern. 

"We can't get past, the fire engines cant' get past, and police can't get past.  It's crazy." said Coates.

Action News contacted Mayor Duggan's office.  A spokesperson said the recent storm knocked down roughly 100 tree throughout the city and the tree on Manor street was scheduled for removal on Wednesday.

We waited, and just before 3PM, the city crew showed up.  They quickly went to work cutting up the tree and clearing the roadway.


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