Detroit Police Sergeant retires after 45 years of patroling the streets

DETROIT (WXYZ) - From rookie officers to senior brass, Detroit Police Officers gathered at the first precinct to pay tribute to a man who has served the city of Detroit like few others.

After 45 years on the streets, Sergeant Wlliam Price is hanging up his badge.

He started as an officer in 1968.  

Sgt. Price was a part of the Major Crimes Mobile Unit the whole time the unit exhausted.
With a reputation of being tough, he was quickly nick-named "Hammer."  He told 7 Action News his goal at first was to stay on the job for 25 years.

"I liked the job so much i stayed longer,"  said Sgt. Price.

"It's amazing," said police chief James Craig.  "Here's a person that was working, doing real people work.  When I was a rookie here, he was one of the people I would look to for inspiration.  He was working in a high profile unit."

Sgt. Price finished up his career in the Gaming Unit and his work has impacted generations to follow.

"He showed me through his own actions how dedicated he was to the police department," said officer John Smith.   "It made me feel like i really wanted to serve the city of Detroit."

Sgt. Price looks forward to spending a lot of time with his family, including with his grandchildren.  He will be enjoying a much deserved vacation.   The 74-year-old veteran picked up one more nickname, "Sgt.  Price-less."

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