During Detroit water shut-off suspension crews check for water turned back on illegally

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The Detroit Water And Sewerage Department has suspended water shut-offs for 15 days, but crews will still be hard  at work. 

7 Action News has learned that during the 15 day long shut-off suspension, workers will focus on doing checks at properties where the water is supposed to be off to make sure it hasn't been turned back on illegally. 

They expect to check as many as 9,000 properties.

Yesterday, our Ronnie Dahl exposed how people were prowling neighborhoods in search of customers that had their service recently disconnected . The scammers would then offer to turn the water back on for a small fee.

Some people may see them as good guys, like a modern day Robin Hood, but if they're caught the customer will end up paying the price. 

If a customer is caught turning the water back on without the proper authority, a fee of at least $250.00 will be added to the customer's bill. 

So far, re-checks have shown water has been turned back on illegally nearly half of the time.

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