EAA chief leaves behind massive budget hole as he abruptly resigns his post

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Chancellor John Covington abruptly left the Education Achievement Authority Monday, leaving behind a trail of questionable spending and late Tuesday we learned, the authority is losing millions in revenue.

This isn't the first time Covington has quickly skipped town leaving pressing problems for others to clean up.

You would think Chancellor Covington might want to attend his authority's last budget meeting. Especially since they are now facing a more than $26 million dollar loss in budget funds. 

Or that he might want to answer questions from concerned parents and teachers over things like nearly two hundred grand spent on cross country travel for administrators over the past two years. Spending that has continued in light of these money woes.

But before his resignation could even be accepted by the EAA board Tuesday afternoon, the investigators learned - he was MIA!

He announced he was leaving Monday, but was still in charge Tuesday evening. 

We went to his office and were told he hadn't been seen since Monday.

No one was able to get us in touch with Covington.

Spending isn't the only thing dogging him. Critics have claimed EAA schools have failed to show improvement, something the authority denies.

Covington is leaving with one year left on his $1.6 million contract. He was brought in from Kansas City to oversee the turnaround of 15 of the state's lowest achieving schools in Detroit.

But this isn't the first time he has skipped town on a moment’s notice. Less than three years ago Kansas City schools found themselves in turmoil after Covington suddenly quit.

Late Tuesday night, the Education Achievement Authority of Michigan named Veronica Conforme as their Interim Chancellor.

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