EAA reinstates Detroit teacher after dismissal for using broom to break up classroom brawl

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A Detroit teacher has been reinstated after she was dismissed for using a broom to break up a violent classroom brawl.

The Education Achievement Authority has agreed to give 30-year-old Tiffani Eaton her job back at Pershing High School after she was let go on May 6.

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Shortly following her dismissal Eaton hired an attorney to help her get her job back. Eaton's attorney argued that she was forced to use a broom to break up the brawl because her walkie talkie was broken and no one responded to her calls for help.

The Change Agent Consortium also backed Eaton in her fight, saying "This teacher was trying to minimize the impact of a very violent encounter even though she had no access to security or a working walkie talkie."

The EAA issued the statement below:

After further review of the incident that occurred at Pershing High School on April 30, the Education Achievement Authority of Michigan (EAA) has made the decision to reinstate Tiffani Eaton as a teacher at Pershing High School.

She will receive retro pay from the date of her dismissal. In addition, the EAA will provide Ms. Eaton with the option of being assigned to another building within the District, if she so chooses.

The safety and security of students and staff is our primary concern. We therefore, remain committed to ensuring that all safety protocols and procedures are properly followed throughout the District.

Eaton's attorney issued the following statement:

"We appreciate that the EAA acknowledges that their previous action was wrong and we are in good faith discussions with the school district to bring this matter to a resolution. Once that has occurred, Ms. Eaton will be available for comment."

- Jeffrey Lance Abood, attorney for Tiffani Eaton


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