Elderly lady desperate to have dangerous vacant home torn down in Detroit

(WXYZ) - A 94-year-old lady spent her life working hard, paying taxes and being a good citizen.  Now she feels abandoned by the very city she's helped support.

Out of concern for her safety, Action News is not using her full name or saying exactly where she lives, but Catherine says Detroit just doesn't care. 

"I'm living here like I'm not human. That's how I feel."

The senior citizen lives next to an abandoned home. The window is busted, the porch is falling apart and the weeds are waist high. Catherine says her pleas to city hall to get the house torn down have been ignored. 

"I just don't know what to say, I don't know what to do anymore."

Wanting to help, Action News tracked down the owner of the property.  It turns out it's owned by the Detroit Land Bank Authority.

Aleixis Wiley with Mayor Duggan's office says under his leadership, the city is tearing down more structures than ever before.

"We are demolishing 1000 houses every month. We are moving faster than anyone has and we are determined to get the job done." said Wiley.

But the house next door to Catherine isn't on the list to be torn down because federal dollars can't be used to demolish it because it's not in the hardest hit area.

For now, the house will sit.


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