Everyone talking about Kilpatrick case, verdict from city to suburbs

DETROIT, Mich (wxyz) - Former US attorney Saul Green says in all the cases he has seen he has never seen so much corruption that was charged and proven in the Kwame Kilpatrick case.

He says "There is so much more to this city than Kwame Kilpatrick".

Macomb County Prosecutor Mark Hackel says "It is sad because Kwame Kilpatrick had so much going for him, so much talent and charisma but the corruption became his brand."

People around the city and the suburbs are saying the same thing; that no one is above the law and if you commit a crime you have to pay.

Tom Cherney from Bloomfield Township says he feels sorry for Kwame's kids but even more sorry for the kids in Detroit who suffered because of the money the former mayor spent on himself, his family and friends.

The underlying thought from everyone we talked to? Even though Detroit has very serious financial problems, this trial and everything surrounding it was holding the city back. Now it can be put in the past and Detroit can start to heal.

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