Eviction papers filed against squatters in Detroit neighborhood

(WXYZ) - Residents of a family friendly Detroit neighborhood say the last few months have been a nightmare for them since squatters moved in.  But, their ordeal may be coming to an end.

Hillcrest Street on Detroit's East Side is the type of neighborhood where everyone knows everyone.  People are friendly, respectful and take pride in their properties. 

Detroit City Councilman Andre Spivey represents this part of Detroit. 

"Hillcrest is one of the best blocks in our city." said Spivey.  "We have to save the block."

He's talking about saving the block from what's been happening since last fall, when squatters moved into the neighborhood.  Suddenly, neighbors had to deal with loud music, people coming and going at all hours and trash thrown everywhere.

Last November, Action News Reporter Ronnie Dahl confronted the squatters.  They showed her a lease, which turned out to be fake.  When she called them on it, they called the cops, threw eggs at her and threatened to shoot her.

Since then, life has gotten so bad on Hillcrest Street, residents are afraid to talk with the media on camera and some are considering leaving Detroit.  Councilman Spivey says it's game over for the squatters.

"I'm giving them my word, we are going to fight to get these people out of there, they have become a nuisance to our city.

Spivey has been meeting with Detroit police and Chase bank to get the squatters out. After countless complaints, it looks like it's finally going to happen.

"The bank filed the eviction noticed March 18th.  It takes 30-60 days for the process to go through." said Spivey.


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