EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: D'Andre Lane in FBI agent's car talking about moments before reported kidnapping

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Only 7 Action News cameras were rolling in court when an FBI video was played showing D'Andre Lane sitting in a federal agent's car, trying to describe the moments leading up to what he says was the kidnapping of his two-year-old daughter, Bianca.

On much of the video that was shot from a camera mounted inside the agent's vehicle, Lane appeared frustrated and uncomfortable.

With Lane in the passenger seat, the FBI agent asked Lane to direct him on the path he took the morning of December 2, 2011.

Investigators believe Lane concocted the story about carjackers driving off with the toddler to cover-up her murder.

Lane claims Bianca, whom he refers to as BB, was fine but tired on the morning of December 2 because he kept her up until the early morning hours.

On the video, Lane describes seeing Bianca in the backseat of his car that morning as he headed to her mother's house to pickup some extra clothes for her.

"So then I looked back at BB. I pulled the blanket back a little bit, and she looked up at me. She closed her eyes. She was tired because she was up almost all night," Lane told the agent.

Lane has admitted to hitting Bianca with a small stick to punish her for accidentally going to the bathroom on herself. He told police Bianca later fell off the bed and hit her head on the floor.

Fearing the child may have suffered a serious head injury, Lane told police he wanted to keep her up to check on her and so he kept "popping" Bianca on her buttocks with the stick to keep her awake.

On the video played Thursday, Lane says as he was heading to the home of Bianca's mother, someone in a red car blew their horn at him and signaled for him to pull over because he had a broken tail light.

Lane's claim is that men got out of that red car armed with a gun and drove off with Bianca when they stole his car. The car was located not far away but Bianca has never been found.

On the video played Thursday during the continuation of Lane's preliminary examination, Lane was not seen describing what happened when he claims he was confronted by the carjackers.

Agent Hess told the court, Lane was outside of the car and away from that camera when described that encounter.

Prosecutors and FBI agents say there is a 45 minute gap that Lane cannot account for his whereabouts. That is when they believe he disposed of his daughter's body.

For weeks, hundreds of volunteers joined police and firefighters in searching for Bianca. No sign of her has ever been found.

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