Exotic dancers file class action lawsuit against Detroit adult night clubs

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Three former and current exotic dancers are filing a class action lawsuit against a number of Detroit adult night clubs. 

Included in the suit are The Coliseum, Flight Club and Penthouse Club, among others.

The dancers are accusing club owner Alan Markovitz of refusing to pay minimum wages, unlawfully demanding a portion of gratuities and deducting employee wages through rents, fines and penalties. 

They say he got away with it by classifying the employees as independent contractors making them exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act and Michigan Minimum Wage Law.

Lead counsel for the dancers Megan Bonanni says ""The dancers are bringing this action on behalf of themselves and the other members of the proposed class of night club employees who were intentionally misclassified as independent contractors despite the fact that they were treated as employees.  This is an illegal pay scheme designed to increase the nightclub's profit margins at the expense of basic employee rights."

The group of plantifs also include waitresses, shot girls and others. Co-counsel for the group says several other night clubs throughout the country illegally classify exotic dancers as independent contractors to avoid paying fair wages, Social Security, Medicare and unemployment insurance. 


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