Expert testifies blood, saliva found on two-year-old Bianca Jones pillow

(WXYZ) - A police expert in the analysis of DNA testified Thursday in the Bianca Jones murder trial that a mixture of blood and saliva was found on the toddler's pillow.

The defense team for Bianca's father, D'Andre Lane who is charged with the two-year-old's murder, suggested it was a result of a teething child, not murder.

Lane says he was carjacked December 2, 2001 and claims Bianca was inside when the assailant took off with the car.

Prosecutors believe Lane lost his temper when Bianca soiled herself, killed her, then disposed of her body somewhere.

Bianca's grandmother also took the stand Wednesday to tell the jury how frustrated she was trying to get information from Lane about his reported carjacking. "I kept asking him questions", said Lilia Jones-Weaver. I couldn't get nothing out of him".

As Jones-Weaver was leaving the courtroom, she slowed down and leaned over to Lane and whispered "Where is she? Tell me where she is." The defense team stood up to alert the judge and Jones-Weaver appeared to be crying as she was quickly escorted out of the courtroom.

Prosecutors also called Carol Nevers to the stand. Nevers testified that she is related to Bianca but helped raise Lane and was like a mother to him.

Nevers told the jury that Lane didn't want Bianca to be born and that he even gave the child's mother about $150 dollars to terminate the pregnancy.

Lane has fathered seven children by seven different women. It's believed his youngest is less than a year old.

Tuesday, jurors were shown a video of Lane reenacting events he says unfolded on that day. The video was secretly recorded previously by FBI agents asking Lane to do so.

Investigators believe Lane killed Bianca for wetting her pants and created the carjacking story as a cover up.

Bianca's body has not been found. Wednesday a FBI dog handler testified that human decomposition was detected in Bianca's bedroom, car seat and Lane's vehicle two days after the child went missing.

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