Family, Detroit Police Chief speak on driver beating after accident involving boy

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The family of Steve Utash, the man who was beaten after stopping to check on a boy he hit with his car is speaking out.

On Wednesday, Steve was driving when he accidentally hit an 11-year-old boy. When Steve stopped to check on the boy, he was beaten up by a group of men, and had his wallet stolen. He is currently in critical condition.

"It's hard to see him laying in the bed not knowing who we are, where he is or what's going on," Felicia Utash, Steve's daughter said.

His son, Joseph, says he hopes his dad comes out of this and remembers his children.

Family members have set up a fund that will help with the hospital bills. You can donate to the fund here:

Police are looking at several surveillance videos in the nearby area, and Joseph hopes this helps police in finding the men.

"I just hope the police find out who did this to my dad," Joseph said.

Police Chief James Craig said this is a tragic situation.

"We've had too many cases of hit and run where people have left the scene. This man went there after the unfortunate situation of striking the kid he attempted to render aid," Chief Craig said.

The Chief tells us their investigation continues and they are looking at the tapes. He has a message for anyone trying to take matters into their own hands when a crime is not committed.

"That's unacceptable, and it certainly in my view isn't vigilantism, bad choice," Chief Craig said. "But Vigilantism, I don't support, I don't advocate. We're the police, we enforce the law."


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