Family emotional at vigil for man killed by ICE agent

DETROIT - Terrence Kellom's father broke down in front of the crowd at Saturday night’s candlelight vigil to remember the 20-year-old who was shot and killed Monday by a federal agent.

“I want to thank you all,” Kellom said, before lowering his head.

Dozens gathered in front of the home at Evergreen and Chicago where Kellom was killed. Police say Kellom threatened an ICE agent with a hammer after hiding in the attic when officers with a joint fugitive task force entered the home to serve a felony warrant.

As relatives and friends signed posters, lit candles and shared fond memories of Kellom, Detroit activists remained on hand to keep the vigil peaceful.

Ron Scott, spokesman for the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, reminded the crowd, “This is about the family.”

Kevin Kellom says surveillance video from inside the home will prove his son was not armed when he was shot and killed.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig has promised a thorough investigation of Mitchell Quinn, the agent involved in the fatal shooting.

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