Fatal crash victim was weeks away from donating kidney

DETROIT (WXYZ) - It was the gift of life that was never meant to be.

“Lord comfort them, give them your warm embrace," whispered Ronald White through prayer.

The 20-year-old's own wounds haven’t healed, but his prayers are for those feeling a deeper pain; the result of a speeding driver ignoring a red light Monday morning on Detroit's west side.

The driver crashed into 23-year-old Diamond Scott’s car, where the Wayne State Student, set to become a social worker, died at the scene. She was just weeks away from donating one of her kidneys to White.  

“A lot of people think it’s hard, just because I didn’t get her kidney." said White, "But really, I lost a friend. She was someone special.”

“My baby truly loved God.” said Diamond's mother, Katherine Scott-Robinson, who knows how vital that donation could have been for White. The kidney was originally intended for her.

“That’s how the process actually started." said Scott-Robinson, "She was going to be tested to see if she was a match. And when she found out that she wasn’t, she said she was sitting there, and she could hear the Lord say, ‘Give the kidney to Ronald.’”

Scott-Robinson's blood type is O-positive.

“[Diamond's] blood was A-positive, and mine was A-positive." said White, "And when she told me, I was kind of shocked that she called.”

“No surprise to me the Lord moved upon her heart to give him a kidney." said Diamond's Pastor Zachary Hicks, "And make no doubt about it, she was ready to execute that.”

White and Scott-Robinson embraced for the first time since the accident inside their church Wednesday afternoon.

“She broke down in my arms," said White, "I wanted to do the same.”

“He was connected to Diamond in some kind of way.” said Robinson-Scott.

A candlelight vigil celebrating Diamond's life took place Wednesday night Faith Clinic Church Of God In Christ as scores of supporters continued to embrace Scott-Robinson and her family. As music played and prayers were said, those in attendance say reflecting on Diamond's life has inspired many to give as much as Diamond did. 

Scott-Robinson hopes the tragedy can shed light on the need for organ donation. She says the simplest way anyone can honor her daughter's giving spirit is by registering to become an organ donor.

A memorial fund has been set up for family members. Donations to the Diamond Scott Memorial Fund can be made at any PNC Bank.

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