FBI interviews 12-year-old Charlie Bothuell, charges could come as early as Wednesday

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The FBI conducted a special interview with Charlie Bothuell Tuesday. Bothuell is the 12-year-old who was missing for nearly two weeks and then found in his father’s basement.

“They want to make sure everything is done right,” said Maurice Shippings. Shippings wants some justice for his cousin’s young son, Charlie Bothuell V.

Shippings is glad the FBI is using a Forensic Child Interview Specialist to talk to the 12-year-old about what really happened when he was missing for days, and then found in his father’s basement. 

This is the second forensic interview for the child; Detroit Police have already conducted one with their specialist. The interviews are done to avoid re-traumatizing children, and to verify consistency in statements. 

“I give them respect on that 'cause they don’t want to make no mistakes. I mean, 'cause correct me if I’m wrong, when the feds get on the case -- they make sure everything is done right. And then they grab you,” said Shippings.

Bothuell was reported missing back on June 14, 2014.  Despite several searches of his father’s home, the 12-year-old wasn’t found until June 25, 2014. According to court records, Charlie said his stepmother had “barricaded him behind boxes and totes” in the basement, and told him not to come out.

“For anybody to imply that I somehow knew my son was in the basement, is absurd and it’s wrong. I love my son,” said Charlie Bothuell IV on the day his son was found.

Court records also show that Charlie’s father said he disciplined the boy with a PVC pipe. The feds found the pipe with blood on it, and doctors allegedly found several scars on the boy, including one on his chest that Charlie said came from his father driving the pipe into him.

“That’s a human being, a walking, thinking human being and you’re out here beating this person like a dog,” Shippings told 7 Action News Investigator Heather Catallo. “The whole thing don’t sit right, but I want to say this – I want to see justice done.” 

Charlie’s father has denied abusing his son. But Maurice Shippings wants answers.

“To my man, mister Charlie, his father, you’re a coward, dude -- stone cold coward. Let me ask you something: How would do against a real man,” asked Shippings.

This case has been a team effort, investigated by Detroit Police, the FBI, and other agencies. There is still a federal investigation underway, but local charges are the most likely at this point.

Detroit Police detectives could send over their warrant request to the Wayne County Prosecutor possibly as early as Wednesday afternoon.

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