Federal judge denies change of venue, keeps Dr. Fareed Fata's trial in Detroit

DETROIT (WXYZ) - He's the cancer doctor feds say got rich making people sick and committing health fraud. Today, Fareed Fata faced a judge - asking for his trial to be moved out of state.

"My life has not been the same since I lost my mom, nor has all of my friends behind me,” says Elizabeth Lupo, the daughter of one of Fata’s patients. “We've all been affected tremendously by this."

For Lupo today marks a small victory on a very long journey for justice.

Her mother Marianne passed away under the care of Dr. Fata, who's now charged with health care fraud.

Last year, the FBI uncovered alleged abuse involving unnecessary treatments such as chemo by the former cancer doc that made him filthy rich.

Today in federal court, a judge denied Fata's request for a change of venue in the trial and dismissed claims he's been labeled a monster and can no longer get a fair trial here.

“I have a lot of friends who I'm close with who have never heard of Dr. Fata,” says Lupo. “They know nothing about this so I don't think that's the case at all."

"People in the state can be fair, and I think justice will be served here," says Sydney Zaremba, who also lost her mom.

She's got no sympathy for the 48-year-old doc, who's already had $10 million in assets seized by the feds and now claims he can't afford a lawyer.

"I think it was important to keep the trial here so that people affected by this can be there to come and watch and be there in support of each other," Zaremba says.

Fata remains in custody, awaiting trial.

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