Federal prosecutors call Christine Beatty a 'co-conspirator' to Kilpatrick in court filing

DETROIT (WXYZ) - For the first time federal officials are labeling Kwame Kilpatrick's former girlfriend and Chief of Staff Christine Beatty as a co-conspirator in the city hall corruption case.

The statement came in a document filed with the court Wednesday, responding to Kilpatrick's attorneys' objection to their calculations of sentencing guidelines.

The statement calling Beatty a co-conspirator comes in a section arguing for a sentencing enhancement because Kilpatrick was the leader of the criminal conspiracy.

The federal prosecutors write "[Kilpatrick] was also a leader of the criminal scheme, supervising and directing coconspirators in both the private sector (like Ferguson, Bernard Kilpatrick, Karl Kado, Jon Rutherford and Emma Bell) and the public sector (like Derrick Miller, Victor Mercado, and Christine Beatty)."

"I never saw that reference made about her until this filing," said Beatty's attorney Jeffrey Morganroth regarding the coconspirator allegation.

He also said that there was "no allegation, no suggestion," that she was a coconspirator. He also said Beatty never entered into any kind of immunity deal that prohibited the feds from charging her.  

Beatty was never charged as part of the city hall corruption case. Morganroth says Beatty testified in front of the grand jury in the case as a witness, not as a target.

Beatty resigned amid the text messaging scandal after it was revealed that she and Kilpatrick had lied under oath during the city hall whistleblower trial.

Beatty eventually admitted to lying under oath and served a jail sentence in the Wayne County Jail.

Beatty recently penned an essay that will appear in the November issue of Essence magazine .


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