Fiancé of suspected child killer admits to hearing intense cries from toddler Bianca Jones

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Before testifying as a witness for the prosecution, Anjali Lyons told jurors that she's now engaged to marry D'Andre Lane, the man who prosecutors say beat his 2-year-old daughter to death because she soiled herself one too many times.

Unless pressed by prosecutors, Lyons seemed unable, or unwilling, to recall what she told investigators months ago about the early morning hours of December 2 when Bianca's cries woke her up. Lyons also described noises that sounded like "taps".

But when she was shown transcripts of her testimony from an earlier hearing, Lyons conceded that the crying was intense and the hits were harder and louder.

Lane is accused of beating Bianca to death and then trying to cover up the murder by saying the toddler was taken during a carjacking.

Bianca has never been found.

On the stand Thursday, Lyons also identified an 18-inch stick wrapped at one end with heavy duty tape as "the paddle" Lane used to discipline his children.

Lyons told the jury that Bianca's cries woke her up around 3:00 a.m. that December day, but she says didn't go check on the toddler because she didn't want to interfere with Lane disciplining his other children.

Bianca's mother is Banika Jones. And she was pregnant with Bianca at the same time Lyons was also carrying Lane's child.

Lyons told jurors that she learned of Banika's pregnancy when the two women ran into each other at a CVS store.

It was during Bianca's first extended stay with her father that prosecutors say Lane lost his temper and killed her.

Testimony in the case is set to resume Monday.

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