Fire destroys Heidelberg Project's "Doll House"

The Heidelberg Project's "Doll House" was destroyed by a fire early Friday morning. 
We're told the house located on the corner of Mt. Elliot and Elba went up in flames around 3 a.m.
This is the ninth fire to hit the Heidelberg Project since last May. 
Heidelberg Project tweeted at 7:16 a.m. a short statement: There just aren't words for this. Party Animal is gone. Please send us your love today.
Mildred Head lives next door to the Doll House.
"I raised my kids right here. It's really sickening to see all of this happening," she says.

In November, the "War House", which used to be right next door to her home, was set on fire.

Overnight, the "Doll House" or "Party Animal" house, which is also next door to her home, went up in flames.

The feds have been searching for an arsonist for almost a year now.
At this point, the latest fire is being called "suspicious".

The Heidelberg Project was started back in 1986 by Tyree Guyton as an open air art space that uses vacant homes, signs and dolls in response to urban decay.
Today, Guyton was there as Detroit's Arson Squad and the ATF searched for clues, but he had no comment.

The Heidelberg Project's Facebook page says "We are learning as much as we can right now from investigators and the smaller cameras we did have in place."
The ATF has offered $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. 
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