Fishing for answers: Who owns abandoned boat on Detroit's west side?

(WXYZ) - Our Ronnie Dahl set out on a fishing expedition after discovering an abandoned boat on a city street in Detroit.

Neighbors tell us the small watercraft has been sitting at the corner of Wyoming and DeSoto streets for more than a year. Since then, the non-working boat has been turned into a garbage container.

With the help of the Secretary of State's office, Action News tracked down the registered owner who lives just a few miles away.  At the time, nobody at the home was willing to talk to our crew about the boat. 

Later, the owner's wife sent an email stating the couple lost their home to foreclosure and left the boat behind.  At the time, the boat was left in the garage for whomever wanted it.  It was on its trailer and still had the motor. 

She does not know how the boat ended up abandoned and scrapped a few miles away.

Action News has turned the registered owner's information over to the City of Detroit.

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