Focus: Hope receives large donations despite low turnout for walk

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The 38 th Annual Focus: Hope Walk broke fundraising records despite lower attendance.

Organizers fell short of a 5,000-participant goal, but were still able to raise a large amount of money.

"We're a little bit low in numbers, but we did great in terms of the dollars contributed. This is actually a record for us today," said Steve Ragan, who is with the organization.

Plastic Omnium marked the beginning of its relationship with the non-profit agency by donating $300,000. Total fundraising for the walk topped $400,000.

"We're really trying to get to make a deep impact so that individuals who live here in Detroit have access to excellent education, are economically self-sufficient, and can live in a safe nurturing environment," said Elizabeth Fritz-Cottle, who is an employee of Focus: Hope.

The agency aims to improve life for those less fortunate by empowering and educating them.

"I think Detroit is at a very pivotal point in its history, and people need to get involved on whatever level they can," said Andrew Nicholson, who walked in the march.

It's the second year for the march since beloved co-founder Eleanor Josaitis passed away, yet her family and those who loved her are ensuring her memory lives on . "I hope they remember that the organization is still strong even though both the co-founders are gone, Father Cunningham too," said Josaitis' grandson, Alec Josaitis. "We're still going to continue doing their mission and do an excellent job at it."

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