Kwame Kilpatrick files motion by himself requesting new trial, wants conviction thrown out

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Kwame Kilpatrick is asking a judge to set aside his verdict and give him a new trial – and he's making the request without his long-time lawyer.  Kilpatrick filed the motion himself – from the Milan Correctional Facility.

Among several arguments, Kilpatrick says he was denied his right to effective counsel. 

Kilpatrick says his long-time lawyer, Jim Thomas, had a conflict in the case because he had previously represented one of the witnesses listed in the 4 th Superseding Indictment. 

Kilpatrick says in the motion that he filed a grievance against Thomas, but the Attorney Grievance Commission refused to investigate Kilpatrick's allegations, saying the Judge had addressed the issues Kilpatrick was raising. 

Last August, Judge Nancy Edmunds refused to appoint a new attorney for the former mayor after federal prosecutors agreed not to call witness Gasper Fiore during the trial.

Kilpatrick also argues that he was unable to have a fair trial due to excessive media coverage; he says the Judge allowed improper hearsay testimony, and he questions why Judge Edmunds didn't instruct the jurors to keep deliberating on the deadlocked counts.

In March, a jury convicted Kilpatrick of racketeering, bribery, tax crimes, and mail fraud.  Federal prosecutors have until June 7, 2013 to respond to Kilpatrick's argument.

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