Former Detroit Tigers pitcher Evan Reed in court today on Criminal Sexual Conduct charges

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Former Detroit Tigers pitcher Evan Reed is in court for a preliminary hearing in his sex assault case.

Reed is facing two counts of criminal sexual conduct for an incident back in March.

A 45-year-old woman says she met Reed at a bar in Royal Oak and claims he drugged her. She says the pitcher eventually took her to the MotorCity Casino, where, she says, he sexually assaulted her.

During today's hearing, the victim testified about how she met Reed and that she started to feel funny and black out at 5th Avenue after having a "funny tasting" drink with him at the bar.

She then testified that, when she woke up in bed with Reed, she had bruises on her arms and legs and she was dizzy. The alleged victim also gave very graphic testimony.

Reed -- who currently pitches for the Toledo Mudhens -- claims the sex was consensual.

Earlier in the hearing, the defense tried to get prosecutors to dismiss the case before court by showing them the victim's divorce filing from 2008 that contains allegations of adultery. 

But the prosecution went ahead with the hearing and broke out their own explosive evidence - surveillance video from MotorCity Casino that shows Reed carrying the victim from a cab to the hotel until they get to the door because the woman appears too drunk to walk. 

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