Former Southwestern High School to be sold

(WXYZ)-Detroit - The former school has been up for sale for nine months. 

A local company put in a bid and the school district's emergency manager thought it was a good deal.  When Jack Martin submitted to the school board, they sought counter offers, including one from a company connected to Matty Moroun.

The school property is vast in size: 16.1 acres.

It's worth $890,000.  Pro Visions offered just over $1 million for the property.  But when the school board sought other offers, Crown Enterprises came in as the highest bidder with an offer of about $1.2 million. 

Crown Enterprises is connected to Ambassador Bridge owner Matty Moroun.

However, the highest bid may not be enough to get the company the property.  The Emergency Loan Board in Lansing voted Friday to support Martin's proposal for the property to be sold to ProVisions.

The deal isn't done yet.  Martin has indicated he expects to schedule a new round of biding on the property.

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