FOUND: What is next for 12-year-old Charlie?

Detroit (WXYZ) - Last Tuesday, Africa Shippings told 7 Action News she feared the worst, as she pleaded for her son to come home. 
Now Charlie is back in her house.  

The 12-year-old was found as investigators searched his father's house for evidence of foul play, possibly murder.

"I want to hug everybody who looked for him, prayed, cried even simply thought about him, because I believe the lord heard it all and brought my baby back, said Shippings in a text message.

Family and friends coming and going from the house would only say that Charlie is doing well.

FBI agents and forensic interviews were at the home for hours talking to him.  

7 Action News spoke to Henry Ford Health System Child Psychologist Nikki Sulaica. She says it isn't surprising it took some time to question or interview him him.

"Initially kids who have been through such trauma don't want to talk out of fear," said Sulaica. " Either fear of getting in trouble, or because of the connection with their family."

Detroit Police say their investigators won't be speaking directly to Charlie for now.  

They rely on forensic interviewers from a non-profit Wayne County Organization called Kids Talk. The forensic interviewers are trained to get needed information from kids without causing additional psychological trauma.

The forensic interviewer will advocate for the child if the process becomes too stressful.

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