From guarding the country to guarding Comcast, 92-year-old veteran still working hard

(WXYZ) - It's not every day you get to meet and talk with someone who served in the army under General George Patton but as Veteran's Day approaches we were able to do just that.

His name is Oscar Bryant and at 92-years-old, he still works four days a week as a security guard at Comcast in Detroit.

He uses the computer like a pro when watching the surveillance cameras around the building, and he greets those who come through the gates with a smile. 

He says he remembers serving in Europe under General Patton - putting a bridge across the Rhine River. Oscar says he is proud of his service to the c(WXountry.

 Oscar grew up in Alabama, was drafted into the army and moved to Detroit after he got out. 

He worked for ford for 30 years before doing what he's doing now. 

His wife passed away nine years ago. They had 11 children.

He says he has 47 grandchildren and too many great grandchildren to count.   On Veteran's Day Oscar says he plans to relax.  

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