Frustrated Detroit homeowner tries to give squatter the boot, calls 7 Action News

DETROIT (WXYZ) - It's a maddening situation! A local homeowner discovers her property has been house-jacked, the contents gone and a new tenant moved in.

The homeowner was so frustrated, she called me, 7 Action News reporter Ronnie Dahl.

Theresa Calhoun invested her savings in a quaint tudor-style home. She wanted a safe neighborhood for her daughter and grandkids to live.

When they recently moved out, the locks were changed and a stranger moved in.

"A man showed up and said my daughter is renting the house and I said really, well it's not her house. I didn't rent it, so it's not possible," Calhoun said. "She came to the door bunch of paperwork, a lease which has to be phony."

It took one look at the lease and a phone call to the Texas company listed to figure out. The lease isn't valid.

I stopped by the house on Muirland Street.

When nobody answered the door, I went around to the side and found the "so-called" renter, working underneath a shiny Jaguar.

From underneath the car, she said she would come talk with me after she put some clothes on. 

Being a girl, I can understand if a person wants to spruce up before being on TV. So, when she said she would meet us around front after changing her clothes, I agreed and learned being nice doesn't pay off.

I waited in the hot sun, moving from the front porch to a lawn chair in the shade.

Nearly two hours later, still no sign of our renter – but, the police showed up.

“She called the police on you, just so you know, that's the reason we are here," said the officers.

The renter told the homeowner she was the victim of a scam. She rented the home from some people she met on Craiglist and gave them $2500.

She wasn't willing to turn their information over to me.

For now, Detroit Police can't help the homeowner. It’s up to the courts to get the illegal tenant out.

But, Michigan's law is changing, in a month police will have the authority to help homeowners like Theresa.

Victim of a scam or a squatter, time is running out on the illegal tenant. The homeowner has started the eviction process.

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