Future of Belle Isle in limbo, Detroit City Council delays vote

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit City Council  met today and while Belle Isle was not on the agenda, the issue was brought up.

Council voted to take the issue out of committee. However, they did not place it on the agenda. This means the issue will not be voted on today.

The state wants to operate the island as a state park which would require residents pay ten dollars for an annual vehicle pass. Pedestrians and bicyclists would be allowed to enter at no cost.

It would also foot the cost of maintenance, reportedly saving the city eight million dollars per year. The proposed lease lasts for 30 years and would allow either the city or the state to opt out after each decade. 

Council members held a public hearing Monday where Detroiters spoke out on both sides of the issue.

It is not clear what today's council proceedings mean for the Belle Isle issue, as the governor's office had said they wanted the issue passed by the end of the month.

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