Gas Station Clerk arrested for shooting of customer

(WXYZ-DETROIT) - It happened at the BP Gas Station at Fenkell and Meyers on Detroit's west side early Saturday morning. Police say what started with a verbal argument between the clerk and a customer escalated out of control.

Seven Action News spoke to folks at the scene who say it started after the customer demanded the clerk charge less for a package of condoms.  The clerk refused.  The customer became angry and started knocking over things in the store.  The clerk is accused of then taking out a gun and firing shots. 

The customer died from his injuries after the shooting. 

Police are investigating whether  the clerk meant to hit the customer.

One man who has done business at the gas station before says he has seen the clerk involved take out a gun before after verbal arguments.

"First thing he does, is show the gun at his waist," said Shawn Oren.  "They say we don't respect them. How are we going to respect you if you shoot us?"

Ron Scott of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality heard about the incident, and turned up at the scene to find out more.  He says ironically he has a meeting scheduled for Sunday with local gas station and party store owners.

The goal is to prevent incidents like this one.

"We work in mediation and deescalation," said Scott.  "A man should not die after an argument over a package of condoms."

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