Gas thieves cause HAZMAT situation in Detroit

DETROIT (WXYZ) - More than 200 gallons of gas spilled out onto the road creating a hazardous situation after gas thieves struck a station in Detroit early Friday morning.

Detroit Police say two men tried to rob a fuel tank driver around 3:30 a.m. at the Clark gas station on the corner of 7 Mile Road and Schoenherr on Detroit's east side.

"The only thing they did distracted the driver and unhooked the hose from the truck that's connected to the truk to the gas fill," says a source who asked to remain anonymous.

The hose from the tanker that was filling the underground tank started spewing gas all over the parking lot and road.

7 Action News caught up with one of the crew members cleaning up the mess. He says the crooks didn't think about their consequences.

"It's sad that people put their lives in danger for something that's really miniscule."

More than 200 gallons of gas made it's way out of the tanker and into this parking lot, quickly moving into the road. The air smelled like gas for hours.

"Some gas did go into the sewer approximately 20 to 40 gallons that went into the sewer and our crew came out and sucked it out, cleaned it out and sucked it out again."

Police tell Action News one of the suspects went into the cab of the truck but didn't take anything. The driver of the truck chased him. The second suspect then made his way around the truck and tried to steal the gas.

Hours later Detroit Police would catch up with one of the suspects that was found sleeping in the basement of a neighbor's home off Schoenherr.

"It's very risky, you're dealing with flammable materials and combustible materials and with a high rate of gas that's on the truck it creates a very hazardous and very dangerous situation."


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