Fieger says his information directly contradicts Detroit Police statements about 7-year-old's death

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - A Wayne County spokesman is confirming to Action News that the cause of death on the death certificate for Aiyana Stanley-Jones was changed from 'gunshot wound to the neck' to 'gunshot wound to the head.'

The spokesman says it was changed on Friday after the Wayne County Medical Examiner spoke to the Macomb County Medical Examiner, Dr. Daniel Spitz.

Dr. Spitz was commissioned by attorney Geoffrey Fieger to perform an independent autopsy on Aiyana. According to Dr. Spitz's findings, Aiyana was shot in the head and not in the neck as police had previously stated.

Fieger says this further proves his claims that the shot was fired by an officer from outside the home, just outside the front door and not inside the home like police had stated.

Fieger says, "the trajectory of the bullet is downward and obviously from the outside".

Police say the officer accidentally fired his gun after he had some sort of contact with Aiyana's grandmother, Mertilla Jones, during a search for a murder suspect.

Fieger says the independent autopsy results disprove the police department's notion that there was some sort of struggle between Mertilla Jones and the officer inside the house.

"My belief is that this is part of a significant cover-up. There were 5-15 officers out there...  why doesn’t one come forward and tell the truth?" says Fieger.

When asked about Fieger's claims, Detroit police said they turned over all the evidence weeks ago to the Michigan State Police handling the investigation into Aiyana's death.