Giant sinkhole opens up in residential neighborhood on Detroit's west side

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Another sinkhole has emerged in Detroit, this one big enough to swallow your car.

The most recent sinkhole opened up at the corner of Tireman and Carlin on Detroit’s west site. It's a neighborhood that in the evening bustles with the sounds of kids playing, dogs barking and neighbors chatting across front yards.

For weeks people living on Carlin Street say the massive sink hole has been a problem spot on the street. Beginning as a dip, causing people to lose traction and then in recent weeks sinking deeper and deeper.

“Yesterday, it was about 4 o’clock in the afternoon and all you heard was…doooph!” Sheamekia Foster said.

Her neighbor Alonza Norwood lives right next to where the road caved in. He heard it and says it was loud and sounded like an earthquake.

“It didn’t shake the houses or nothing like that,” he said.

Still the very idea of the road caving in and giving way puts parents like Foster on edge. She has two little ones that could easily fall into harm's way. She’s thankful no kids were around when the road gave way.

Foster says quickly after the sinkhole appeared, neighbors immediately created a make-shift barricade to prevent drivers and kids from getting too close. Then the city responded.

This street is no stranger to public works crews. They’ve been here not once but twice in the past two weeks. This time they’re tasked fixing a huge problem, much larger than the two previous fixes when they simply had to put down asphalt.

“It’s dangerous. I mean really dangerous. They could’ve been riding their bikes across the street, coming back, whatever.” Foster said. “It’s just dangerous.”

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