Governor Rick Snyder takes part in town hall meetings Wednesday on Detroit's finances

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Governor Rick Snyder took part in a series of town hall meeting on Wednesday to talk about Detroit's financial situation.

The governor opened one of the town halls Wednesday morning by saying there are three issues he hopes to address; Detroit's financial stability, better services in the city and growing the city of Detroit.

"My goal is not to run the city of Detroit but to be a supportive partner," explained Snyder.

When asked if he was encouraged with what is currently happening in the city. Snyder responded, "Yes and no," "Every day we spend doing more agreements is every day we spend less making implementations. I'm impatient and I think the citizens are impatient."

He added. "It took however many decades to get into this mess, it isn't going to get solved overnight."

Remember, our Detroit 2020 Town Hall Meeting " The Challenge of Change" is still scheduled for Thursday, March 29. 

But Detroit Mayor Dave Bing's continued recuperation from surgery has prompted a couple of changes. Governor Snyder will still be here for our live program at 7:00 p.m. Thursday.  Deputy Mayor Kirk Lewis will also be joining Detroit 2020′s Carolyn Clifford and Stephen Clark.

The governor is expected to discuss the proposed consent agreement between Detroit and the state.

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