Governor Rick Snyder and Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert speak of plans for Detroit

While speaking at the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau annual membership meeting, Quicken Loans founder said he plans to hire 500 full-time summer interns.

"If we're really gonna build our city the way i think a lot of us envision it's gonna have to come from the people coming out of college, the graduate schools ...keeping the best and brightest ... turning the brain drain into the brain gain," says Gilbert.

Governor Rick Snyder also spoke Thursday morning and said that the "future of the state of Michigan is tied to the city of Detroit ."

He mentioned the recent auto show and Detroit's sports teams as some of the good things going on in the city.

He said the two main challenges facing the city of Detroit are public safety and its financial condition.

"Currently the state of Michigan has four of the top ten cities for violent crime and that's unacceptable and one of those four is Detroit. If you think about creating an environment to really make your activities and business flourish we need to improve on that and we need to do that in partnership. That's going to be one of the focus areas for 2012," said Governor Snyder.

With regards to Detroit's financial condition, Snyder said "that's something that needs to be addressed and that's something we should all be working on together to support the mayor and the city council in being successful."

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